Do you know some information about it?
Location: seedling
July 4, 2011 11:09 pm
Hello, I wish to ask you about this insect.I saw it clinging onto my seedling. It looks like to have the eyes on its back.
If you know its name, please tell me about it.
Signature: sincerely

Unknown Hemipteran Nymph

Dear sincerely,
As much as we would like to identify this creature, you haven’t really supplied us with anything useful for us to begin a search.  A seedling is not a location.  We like to have a state or country indicated in that field of our form.  There is a dearth of useful information in your email.  You didn’t even provide us with a name for the seedling.  We are quite curious about this immature Hemipteran’s unusual antennae, but again, we cannot even begin to research this identification before you supply us with helpful information.

Unknown Hemipteran Nymph

Sorry for not suppling formation
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
July 5, 2011 10:59 pm
Dear bugman, I apologise for not supplying more information about it.
Here it is. The seedling name is ”Millettia brandisiana Kurz”(scientific name). And it not only can be found on the seedling but also on the ”Millettia brandisiana Kurz” tree. If you want more information, please let me know what you need for searching.
Signature: Sincerely

Unknown Hemipteran Nymph from Thailand

Hi again Sincerely,
Thanks so much for supplying us with additional information, including your location and the plant.  Since this is a nymph, it might look very different from the adult form of the insect.  Have you noticed any adults on the plant?  It is very interesting that the very broad antennae of this insect look just like the new leaves on the plant.  The insect may have evolved to survive by mimicking its food plant.  Though we still don’t have an answer for you, it is great to have the additional information.  Sometimes difficult identifications take time, and occasionally, even years pass before some identifications are made.  You may want to consider posting a comment to this posting.  That way you should be notified if anyone writes in sometime in the future with a new comment.

Unknown Hemipteran from Thailand

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Location: Thailand

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  1. M.In says:

    Could it be rice bug? I have another photo that seems like an adult but I didn’t take photo myself. So I sent the photo by the email. (sincerely)

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