1st Ever Longicorn Beetle (Sawyer?) Sighting
Location: SE Michigan
July 5, 2011 5:48 am
Dear Bugman; Yesterday, I almost squashed this beetle by accident, when I went to turn on the outdoor faucet. I was so surprised to see that it was a Longicorn beetle–I had never seen one before! (And the only reason I knew what it was in the first place, was from photos posted on your site.)
I ran into the house and grabbed my camera before it disappeared.
It was quite calm, rather slow moving and allowed me to take many photos, as it rested on an aborvitae branch.
I am not sure, but I think it is a White Spotted Sawyer. Can’t get over the eyes, which wrap around the base of it’s antennae. He/she looks like a little alien from the profile.
Signature: Christine


Hi Christine,
Though we don’t know the identity of your Longicorn, we can say that it is NOT a White Spotted Sawyer.  We will enlist some expert advice and update this posting when we get an identity.


Eric Eaton provides an identification
Nice!  This would appear to be a specimen of Goes pulverulentus which is not that commonly seen.  It would be a Bugguide record if the person would agree to post it there.  Great find!

Dear Daniel and Eric:  Wow!  Thanks so much for determining  that this Longicorn is not what I thought it might be.  It was so exciting to read that this beetle is not all that common.  (COOL!)  Glad I was able to snap some clear photos of it.  Please feel free to use/post my pics. of this little guy as needed.  If Bugguide  would like to post it, they are also welcome to use the photos.  I have several more good shots of this beetle from other angles—dorsal view, side close-up, if anyone would like them for better identification, or explanation purposes. ( I’m now going to look up Goes pulverulentus, to learn more about this intriguing beetle.)

Location: Michigan

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