Odd bug in Ohio
Location: Ohio, woods near a creek
July 4, 2011 6:46 pm
The bug has three legs and two long antennae, and its eyes are red. The body looks like a V, referring to the wide tail that points upward, and the thorax and head which point up forming a bend, because the junction of the thorax and abdomen is relatively low to the ground. The legs are black with the exception that near the tips they turn white and then orange. The antennae are also black, white, and orange. It seems as though the bug can walk sideways as well as forwards and backwards. I found it on July 4, on my trampoline( probibly doesn’t matter.
Signature: Bradley L.

Immature Leaf Footed Bug

Dear Bradley,
Just yesterday we posted a very similar photo which we identified as an immature Leaf Footed Bug, most likely
Acanthocephala terminalis.

Location: Ohio

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  1. Great little web site you have. After i checked
    there was a few pics possibly not showing
    in the correct way?

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