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A Black LadyBug with two red spots

Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle

A Black LadyBug with two red spots
Location: Cheney, Kansas
July 2, 2011 9:26 pm
I found quite a large group of Black LadyBugs ,a few larvae, some unhatched pupae as well as hatched pupea on my Crabapple tree today.
The Bugs have a red underbelly and are solid black except for the two red dots on their back.
I’ve tried researching on-line and came up with ”Chilocorus kuwanae . No common name yet for these bugs.
Signature: Chris Harris

Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle Pupae

Hi Chris,
We are positively thrilled with your documentation of much of the life cycle of a Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle,
Chilocorus kuwanae.  All of the stages of metamorphosis that you have documented match similar stages depicted on BugGuide which indicates it was “Introduced from Japan and Korea, originally to California as Chilocorus similis Rossi. Now established across North America.”  We needed to crop out your signature on the photos in order to increase the size of the insects in our posting.

Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle Larva

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle: Imago, Pupae and Larva

  1. cooldowne says:

    My husband thinks he was bitten by a bug simular to this. Coloring is different, the one we saw was tan, white & black, not so spiky.Very small
    I know this isn’t much help ( he killed it before I could take a picture )
    He described it as looking like a scorpian with out a tail. I thought it look prehistoric.
    If you can think of any other very small inscets that look simular lease help
    Bitten by ??

  2. Erika Barber says:

    OMG thank you I have a ton of these on my bush in my yard and this is the only site that has them on it. I was freaking out not knowing what they were and why they are there. I hope they do not try to get inside the house.

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