small fly with forked tail
Location: California, Whittier (Los Angeles suburban)
July 2, 2011 10:02 pm
We recently have a large number of these flies on our porch. They don’t move around much and cling to the stucco wall. We have about 50 of them in a small area. Do you know what they are ? Are they a sign of a problem with the house (like a termite infestation or similar) ?
Signature: Dave


Hi Dave,
You have Mayflies, the winged adult of an aquatic naiad, congregating around your porch light.  There must be a nearby pond or stream that is providing the habitat for the nymphs.  Though fifty individuals may seem like a swarm, in places in the midwest, millions of Mayflies are attracted to street lights and the pavement can become slick with their crushed bodies.  See this posting from our archives.  Mayflies do not feed as adults, and they only live long enough to mate and reproduce, and possibly provide a food source for the many predators that feed upon insects.  They tend to be more common in the spring, hence the name Mayfly, but they can be found at other times as well.

Mayflies at the porch light

Location: California

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