Could you help me identify this bee?
Location: Colorado Springs CO
June 30, 2011 10:34 am
I grow a lot of flowers to attract bees. I was hoping you could identify this one for me.
Signature: ?

European Wool Carder Bee

Dear ?,
You submitted two different species.  One is a Longhorned Bee and the second is the one we are really interested in posting, a European Wool Carder Bee
, Anthidium manicatum.  This introduced species is only represented on our site with two postings from 2006.  According to BugGuide:  “Females collect ‘wool’ from downy plants such as Lamb’s Ears to line their nest cavities” and “Males defend their territory very aggressively not only against other males but also against other flower visitors.”

Thank you for your response. Sorry I miss understood the “how to address the letter. My name is Eva. That is very interesting to see that the European Wool Bee has only been represented on your site so few times. I did submit a photo to the facebook site. Feel free to use the photos if needed. Best wishes, Eva

Location: Colorado

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