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Location: Mysore, Karnataka, India
June 29, 2011 3:27 am
Hi Daniel,
I am writing from Mysore, India. I found a very tiny bug in our garden which I could not identify. This is very tiny – about 1mm. I also found a bug of the same species but with a tube-like extension at it’s hind quarters which looked like an egg sack. Please help me with the id of this bug from the images attached.
Thanks in advance 🙂
Subharghya Das

Unknown Hemipterans

Dear Subharghya Das,
All we can say for certain is that your insects are in the order Hemiptera, but beyond that, we haven’t a clue.  They are most likely a plant feeding species that uses piercing/sucking mouthparts to feed on plant fluids.  The tubelike extension is most like a waxy filament that is produced by many insects in the order.  We hope to be able to provide a species name in the near future.

Unknown Hemipteran

Dear Daniel … Thank you so much for such a prompt reply !! It will be really great if someday I can know the name of this beautiful looking tiny bug !! And of course Thanks for the Lead about Hemiptera !
With Warm Regards from India
Subharghya Das

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Location: India

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