Green Lacewing eggs
Location: Naperville, IL
June 27, 2011 9:49 pm
Dear Daniel~
I searched but could not find any photos on your site of green lacewing eggs, which are truly remarkable! I found many of these odd (1/4-inch total length) ”footballs on filaments” the other day in the flower umbels and on the edges of the leaves of asclepias syriaca (common milkweed)that I grow for raising Monarchs. I must admit that I panicked at first, thinking my milkweed had some spores growing on it that would be detrimental to the Monarch caterpillars. But green lacewing larvae are voracious aphidlions, and they will consume spider mites as well. Now that I know what they are, not only am I happy to have them, I am relieved I did not rush to remove them from the plants. There are so many fascinating bugs out there! Regards,
Signature: Dori Eldridge

Green Lacewing Egg

Hi Dori,
We had to dig deep into our archives, back to 2007, to find an image of Green Lacewing Eggs.  We love your close-up photograph.  Lacewings, and several other Neuropterans, lay eggs on stalks to help the young survive.  Hatchling Lacwings are so ravenous upon hatching, that they might feed upon their siblings if they didn’t have the distraction of having to climb down the stalk after hatching.  Milkweed surely does produce a fascinating ecosystem.  We have gotten very busy with work and our email inbox is filling with unanswered letters, so we are very happy we stumbled upon your submission before it got buried too far under more recent submissions.

Green Lacewing Egg

Location: Illinois

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