Unknown Korean insect
Location: Seoul, Korea
June 27, 2011 9:13 pm
These insects became a huge infestation about 4 years ago in Seoul. Since then they have had a large yearly population in the city. They became bright red as they mature and then also grown wings. As juveniles, they are wingless, but able to jump hundreds of times their body length.
Signature: DaveT383

White Cicada Nymph

Hi DaveT383,
This immature Fulgorid Planthopper goes by the deceptive common name of White Cicada.  It is native to China, but in recent years it has invaded Korea where it has become established.  Here is an early What’s That Bug? posting that has some informative links.

White Cicada Nymph


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Location: Korea

3 Responses to White Cicada Nymphs from Korea: Lycorma delicatula

  1. DaveT383 says:

    Daniel, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Much appreciated. In the meantime, I had also had it pegged as Lycorma sp, but thought it might be L. meliae instead of L. delictula. Pictures I found on the web of L. delictula looked different than the adults and nymphs I see here. For example, the adults shown as L. delictula were orange, whereas the L. meliae adults are red.
    As for the common name, white cicada, I also came across that, but as happens so often, the common name led to a number of candidates, most of whom were not even close. I suppose they got tagged as “cicadas” because they live in trees?

  2. Robert Rossi says:

    I have hundreds of them on My deck. How bad are they for vegetables and other plants? I am located in Bear Delaware
    Thanks Bob

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