Munching the parsley
Location:  Vermont
June 25, 2011
Hi again,
Busy week with critters! I just found these guys on a parsley plant. Any clue what they are?

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Hi again KT,
This striking caterpillar is a Black Swallowtail and it also goes by the common name Parsley Worm.  BugGuide notes that the caterpillars are sometimes called Carrot Worms, Dill Worms, Celery Worms and Fennel Worms because they will feed on the leaves of many plants in the carrot family.  They will also feed on Queen Anne’s Lace.  We had a bit of trouble formatting this posting because you bypassed our normal submission form.  While we do not discriminate against emails that we receive that are not on our standard form, occasionally crucial information is omitted.  In the case of this posting, we had to research your previous submissions to provide the proper location for this sighting.  Please use our standard submission form by clicking Ask WTB when you are submitting photos in the future to ensure that our posting process will be more streamlined and efficient.

Location: Vermont

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