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Frightened and curious
Location: Victoria, B.C.
June 23, 2011 10:56 pm
Hey this spider has been living in the corner of our crawlspace for I don’t know how long. I found tons of dead ants and flies around its nest so it had plenty to eat. Also has two egg sacs. When I initially saw it I thought it was a Black Widow, but it has no hour glass on the bottom and its reddish-brown on the top side. What is this thing? I’m scared to kill it (we are moving and i’m sure the new owners won’t want a huge spider nest in their crawlspace), maybe its a new species, idk.
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False Widow

Dear Not sure …,
This appears to be a False Widow,
Steatoda grossa.  Though they are not considered to be dangerous, BugGuide does note:  “The bite of this spider can produce symptoms that are similar, but much less severe than those of a black widow bite. In some cases blistering may form at the site of the bite along with physical discomfort that lasts for several days.”  We have also read reports that False Widows prey upon Black Widows, so that may be added incentive to allow them to cohabitate with you.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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