scorpion found in bathroom
Location: camino california, el dorado county
June 19, 2011 9:28 pm
found this little guy under the bathroom rug, i think its the Northwest Forest Scorpion, but i thought i should ask your opinion just to be safe, its only about an inch long and prefers to play dead rather then turn agressive. love the site, keep up the great work!
Signature: adric

California Forest Scorpion

Dear adric,
Thank you so much for sending in your photograph.  We did a web search for Northwest Forest Scorpion, and we found a BugGuide page on the California Forest Scorpion,
Uroctonus mordax, that looks just like your Scorpion.

Location: California

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  1. paulr says:

    June, 02 2013 9:50 PM. Just fonund this lilttle scorpion, dark brown in t he guest rooom. Curled up, non agressive, cute guy. Saved in a jar to show our biologist teacher neighbor tomorrow. – Camino Ca.

  2. Rob says:

    I am studying these scorpions, and your finds from El Dorado Co. could be important contributions to scientific research! Please contact me for more information: [ed. note: contact information removed due to completion of survey]

    -Dr. Rob

  3. we live in swansboro.It is 8 miles out of placerville and have found about a dozen purple
    scorpions.2 in house and the rest under rocks.they are about an inch long.are they posionus?

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