Camouflage Bug
ILocation: A farm stand in Northern NJ
June 20, 2011 4:02 pm
This was a bug on a screen at a farm we were at in northern NJ on June 20th. Didn’t realize it was real at first, thought it was a leaf!
Signature: Beth Marks

Pandora Sphinx

Dear Beth,
The olive markings on the Pandora Sphinx or Pandorus Sphinx,
Eumorpha pandorus, really do resemble the markings on camouflage fatigues, and you are not the first person who has noted that.  Nocturnal Sphinx Moths often come to rest during the day near light sources, only to fly away again when night falls again.

Location: New Jersey

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  1. Kineret says:

    I thought these moths were not found on this continent, just europe, asia and the middle east?

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