Unknown Spider
Location: Central Maine
June 20, 2011 11:03 am
Found this guy on the rose bush out front without actually intending to. I just receved a new camera lens in the mail and was testing it out when this little guy (gal?) decided to make an appearance.
I thought I’d ID’ed it as a jumping spider, but the range is completely off as it was listed as Virginia to Florida – and I’m in Maine.
It was a fairly decent sized spider as well, maybe an inch or a bit less legtip to legtip.
Signature: Jody

Crab Spider

Hi Jody,
This is a beautiful photograph of a Crab Spider,
Misumena vatia, in the family Tomisidae.  All members of the family are known as Crab Spiders, so that common name is not especially specific.  Crab Spiders do not build webs to snare their prey.  They often wait in ambush and they are excellent camouflage artists.  This species is also commonly called a Flower Spider because they wait on blossoms to ambush prey.  This species is also found in numerous color variations, and spiders tend to choose blossoms that most closely match their own coloration.  Here is a photo from BugGuide that looks very much like your individual.

Location: Maine

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