What is this water bug?
Location: Traverse City, MI in a small, inland lake
June 17, 2011 1:47 pm
My son and I spotted this bug swimming in a small, inland lake, in Traverse City, Michigan. It was nearly 2 inches long. When it swam, it tucked its legs along its side and seemed to suck in water and jet it out its back side to propel itself through the water. Any ideas?
Signature: Mat Lardman

Dragonhunter Naiad

Hi Mat,
It is a generally accepted tradition to call aquatic larvae of flying insects by the name Naiads.  This is a Dragonfly Naiad, and more specifically, it is the naiad of a Dragonhunter,
Hagenius brevistylus, a large Dragonfly that often preys upon other Dragonflies.  Here is a photo from BugGuide to compare.  Dragonhunter Naiads are stealth hunters that lie unnoticed among fallen leaves at the bottom of stillwater ponds.

Many thanks for your response. My kids will get a kick out of this. My 10 year old is in Bug Anatomy for his School’s Science Olympiad Team. I told him I though it was the early stage of a Dragon Fly, He thought it was a beetleJ Thanks again.

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Location: Michigan

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