Pennsylvania beast
Location: Southwestern PA, USA rural setting, open fields and woods.
June 4, 2011 7:36 am
Tis insect was found early June, 2011, in southwestern PA. Two inches in length
Signature: Karen


Hi Karen,
This Giant Water Bug in the genus
Leptoglossus is also known as an Electric Light Bug and as a Toe-Biter.  The alarming name Toe-Biter is somewhat offputting, and though it presents a distinct possibility, it should probably be clarified.  Giant Water Bugs might bite a person if they are carelessly handled, and the bite is reported to be quite painful, but we rarely if ever get reports of anyone being bitten by the notorious Toe-Biter despite it being one of our Top 10 identification requests.  It is believed that the common name Toe-Biter originated with bites reported by children while swimming in freshwater ponds.  If stepped on in shallow water, it is almost a certainty that a Toe-Biter will live up to its name.  In preparation for our staff taking a holiday the second week in June, we are preparing this posting to go live to our site on June 12.

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Location: Pennsylvania

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