What kinda bugs are this pair?
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
June 1, 2011 9:47 pm
Hi, I took this picture today thru the screen of our lanai. The bugs are doing the love dance and stayed that way for at least an hour. We live in Jacksonville, FL where the weather today was a steamy 89 degrees. I have never seen these bugs before, not flying, not crawling; not at all. I did post it on Face Book where someone thought it was a locust, but I looked at pix and their legs are not that long. Would love to know what this pair is. We’ve seen all kinds of creepy crawly things in Florida, this is a new one for us. Thanx for your help.
Signature: Warm Regards, Sunnie Ellis

Mating Robber Flies

Hi Sunnie,
These are mating Robber Flies.  We will be out of the office for a week and we have prepared your posting to go live next week in our absence.

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Location: Florida

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