Luna moth and rosy maple moths
Location: Strong, Maine
June 7, 2011 7:23 pm
A luna moth appeared last evening (6/6/11)on my garage at about 9:00pm. It remained there today, and I noticed 3 rosy maple moths just a few inches from the luna. Is it coincidental that these two types of moths are together, or is there some reason for there being with each other? By the way, I am in Strong, Maine (Franklin County), so I think my luna is further north than the Vermont luna on your homepage…thanks!
Signature: miamimom

Luna Moth

Dear miamimom,
Thanks for notifying us of your sightings.  If conditions like temperature and humidity are correct for the metamorphosis from the pupa to adult of these two species, then they would emerge at the same time.  We do not believe there is any other symbiotic relationship between the two.  The colors of pale pink and yellow are often described as looking like sherbet by our readers and that combined with the pale green, somewhat like pistachio ice cream, reminds us of the color scheme we always relate to an ice cream parlor.  These moths must look beautiful together.

Rosy Maple Moth

Location: Maine

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