Beetle on my dead tree
Location: Aurora, Colorado
June 6, 2011 1:49 pm
I have a tree that just recently died and it’s got bore holes all over it which is why I assume it died. I’ve attached two photos of some beetles I found on the tree. I can’t tell if they’re what are boring the holes or if they’re just hanging out as I havent been able to find any tennants in the holes.
Signature: Mike

Unknown Borer

Dear Mike,
This is a member of the Longhorned Borer Beetle family Cerambycidae, known as the Bycids for short.  The larvae bore in the wood of trees and shrubs and most species are very host specific.  While some species do considerable damage to living, healthy trees, many members of the family will only infest trees that are already compromised by disease or stress.  What species of tree is this?  The bark resembles a Eucalyptus, but we want to know for certain.  We don’t recognize the beetle, but those enlarged hind femora are a good identifying feature.  We haven’t the time to identify this species at the moment, but you can try browsing through the possibilities on BugGuide.  We already spent about ten minutes searching with no luck.  We will also try to contact Eric Eaton to see if he recognizes this species.

Eric Eaton Responds
Something in the genus Callidium.  Should be several species in Colorado.  Here’s more:
Have fun in Colorado!

Thanks Eric,
This image on BugGuide is nearly identical.

Location: Colorado

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