Unfortunate circumstances in need of creature identification
June 5, 2011 8:49 pm
Dear Bugman,
I found this creature alongside the winooski river in winooski, Vermont a few days ago. I found him out of water but moving very little. I attempted to instigate a fight between this behemoth we dearly call “Petunia” and a wolf spider. To my dismay there was no battle. Petunia retreated to a small pool of water and became more active.
Perplexed by this creature I have adopted Petunia and am attempting to find out what to feed her. It may appear that she eats ants as she destroyed one when introduced to her pool.
However due to her gills, which are on both sides of her below her legs, I am unsure if she is even an insect.  Bugman I hope you can solve this mystery as Petunia must be getting hungry by now.
After writing you this letter I have realized I cannot attach images to your website from my iPhone and unfortunately it as all the internet access we have at my residence. If you respond I will send you the picture as an attachment with due haste.
Signature: Jack D


Dear Jack,
This is a Hellgrammite, the predatory larva of a Dobsonfly.

Location: Vermont

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