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http://bugguide.net/node/view/3103100s of stag beetles
Location: Wayne Michigan
June 5, 2011 12:01 am
i have hundreds of stag beetles in my yard. i can step foot in my yard. with out one pinching me. i do not live by woods im actually in the middle of a neighborhood. We have also found 100s in others neighbors yards. i know they are a vital part of mother nature but is there a way to get them to move other then trying to catch them. we have alot of young kids in our neighborhood and they seem to like there toes as well as our curious animals.
Signature: Please Help Me. Sincerly Vanessa

Stag Beetle

Hi Vanessa,
Your email has us most curious.  We cannot imagine why you have such an incredible population explosion of Stag Beetles.  There must have been a bounteous food source for the larvae which take several years to develop.  Stag Beetle Larvae feed on rotting wood.  Are there numerous fallen or dead trees in your yard or in the neighborhood?  Perhaps you have a large wood pile nearby.  While we sympathize with your dilemma, we don’t really have any advice for you.  Stag Beetles are not dangerous to humans or pets, and if they do happen to nip at skin, there should not be any lasting effects or any health concern for either you, your children or your pets.  We don’t believe your Stag Beetle is the Reddish Brown Stag Beetle,
Lucanus capreolus, but rather, we believe that based on BugGuide it is Lucanus placidus which is described as “Similar to L. capreolus, but much darker, elytra more punctate. Legs dark reddish brown, no light brown patches as in capreolus. Several small teeth on inside of mandibles of male–capreolus has only one.” According to BugGuide, the definition is:  “punctate – marked by spots, dots, points, depressions, or punctures.”  We have used the levels control in PhotoShop to lighten your image to better reveal the texture of the elytra, which appears to be punctate.  Your beetle has two distinguishing features for Lucanus placidus, that as well as the toothed mandiblesWe wish you could send us a photo of a large group of these Stag Beetles, possibly even a mating pair.


Stag Beetle image lightened to show punctate surface on elytra



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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Michigan

19 Responses to Stag Beetle Population Explosion

  1. Lucanus95 says:

    Is there any way that I can get this species?
    I am looking for this species right now so I hope I can get some from you. I live in Alabama.

  2. Levi jones says:

    Was laying in bed and one crawled up me girlfriend leg. I’m not a bug guy AT ALL…. where did it come from? How’d it get in my bed we just moved in a week ago n house was clean? What does it eat n where does it sleep?

    • Levi jones says:

      I live in North east iowa close to Mississippi. Thank you n much appreciated if u could give me some advice? How big of packs do they run on?

      • bugman says:

        In our opinion, it seems early for your encounter to have been a Stag Beetle. We would prefer to reserve comments after seeing an image. You may submit an image using the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our site. Stag Beetles do no run in packs, and you may read more about them on BugGuide.

  3. Mary Magoon says:

    I live in West Michigan. Starting every May, we get thousands of these beetles coming up out of our yard. I have pictures and videos I can send after work today.

  4. A reply to the person who has a yard full of Stag beetle I also have a yard full I am in Midland Michigan I thought they were June bugs but they are coming up out of the ground leaving behind a nice little hole I didn’t know what they were in till I found this web site but we do burn wood it is stacked neatly away from my house but I could live with out them they are evil looking. I can’t set outside at night now I do find a lot of them are died. Good luck to you who have them.

  5. I left a message earlier this evening from Midland Michigan I re-read what you said about having a bountiful food source and I would say yes our soil or yard is rich with grubs we also had a tree cut a few years ago they left the stump because it was to large to deal with so it is slowly decaying.We do have wood stacked but we burn through it never lasting a year or to but again thank you for the info every summer it is always something different here.

  6. Robert Roper says:

    Commerce twp Mi
    Found the first one of the year tonight
    And so it begins. Had 53 last year
    First one last year was june 2

    • Kameron says:

      yard full of them west Michigan grant TWP a few stumps in the yard moles are horrible this year as well caught six in a five day period already this year.

  7. Laura Bykerk says:

    I live in Ionia, MI.
    We get these black beetles every year and yes they do pinch people, my granddaughter was piched by one. Like Jameson from Grant, we too have ALOT of ground moles burrowing all over our yard, bad.
    Every year we start seeing these beetles in late May early June, usually are dead or gone by end of June. Always black ones, don’t believe or recall ever seeing any with a reddish tint though. We have rabbits, horses, goats, cats, dogs, we thought they were dung beetles til a friend of ours came over that works for pest control and said they’re called Stay beetles.

  8. Harry smith says:

    We catch like 20 every night. They are very large and have big pinchers. One bit my leg and it swelled and turned purple. The whole leg! These are very scary and if bitten seek medical attention.

  9. Lorie Oke says:

    Is there someplace I can post a pic of the large black beetle I found inside my house? I’d like to identify it.

  10. bob p says:

    i had a slew of them in my yard this june hundreds of them i got a photo of the doing it yes they were making babies. i would take the dogs out at night and use the pooper scooper to gather them and take them to the center of the drive and in the morning they were all gond. so birds or possums or ?? came and made a meal out of them. or they crawled away to the woods. my pup git her lip bit by one, she was not a fan after that.

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