Looks like a Ray
Location: Putnam County, New York
June 4, 2011 3:01 pm
Hi I saw this the other day when I filled my gas tank. Look so unusual( to me anyway)aorta looked like a manta ray. Love to know more about it.
Signature: Thank you

Luna Moth at the ATM

Gas Stations are magnets for certain insects that are attracted to bright lights at night and gas stations that are near wooded, swampy and otherwise open spaces are the richest hunting grounds for Giant Silkmoths, Toe-Biters, Beetles and Sphinx Moths.  This beauty is a Luna Moth.  If we ever decide to make another calendar, this is exactly the type of image we would use in it.

Thank you. I had never seen anything like it, did a little more research and learned it only lives about a week. No wonder.
Thanks again.

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Location: New York

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