Possibly a Dobsonfly
Location: North Middle Tennessee
June 3, 2011 7:45 pm
Hi Daniel
This (lady?)stopped for a short visit just now. It looks like a ”Dobsonfly” to me without the large mandibles they are noted for,(maybe just the camera angle) I’m now confused. (Again) Thank you for your help and website. Everyone have a great day.
Signature: Richard


Possibly a Dobsonfly.. UPDATE!!
Hi Daniel,
I’m sorry to bother you again but thought I might save you some time, I believe I now have an ID of my insect. After searching the internet I belive it is an ” Adult Antlion” I have seen “doodlebugs” all of my life but this is the first adult I’ve noticed. ThankYou for all you do.

Hi Richard,
We apologize for the delay, but we know that searching the internet and finding a correct answer can be very rewarding.  You are correct.  We were going to respond to you this morning upon posting your photo which we still plan to do.  Insect metamorphosis can be very drastic, and you must be marveling at finally seeing the adult imago of a familiar childhood insect.

Location: Tennessee

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