Beetle in Florida–but what kind?
Location: Riverview, Florida, USA
June 2, 2011 9:51 am
I found this beetle crawling in suburban Florida. It reminds me of the beetles we would catch in Japan, but I’ve never seen one like this here in Florida. What kind of beetle is this, please?
Signature: Todd Beck

Ground Beetle, possibly Pasimachus depressus

Dear Todd,
We cannot help but to marvel at the wondrousness of the engineering of this exquisite Ground Beetle.  We believe it is either
Pasimachus depressus or something closely related based on images we found on BugGuide.  We counted the same number of antenna segments in each, and the shape and indentations in pronotum are remarkably similar.  BugGuide indicates:  “Presumably predatory on caterpillars, grubs, as other members of this genus.”  That really makes us want to post a Food Chain image, though that desire is nowhere near as strong as our desire to post a photo of Dobsonflies mating.  The closest we have ever gotten to that fantasy is this marvelous photo of a pair of Dobsonflies in a plastic food container on a picnic table with a insect print tablecloth.

Ed. Note: Frequently, in our desire to answer as many questions as possible, we post very brief identifications.  We sometimes forget we are really nothing but a glorified blog.  Thankfully, once in a while, a submission like this excites us to the point of wordiness.  We hope mardikavana can (hopefully) confirm our identification, and if not, correct our error.

Thank you very much! That’s got to be it. If so, the beetle is a long way from its home in North Carolina. We get a lot of traffic from there here to Florida, so maybe it hitched a ride. Thanks again for the help!
Todd Beck

Location: Florida

2 Responses to Ground Beetle

  1. Johnny says:

    This was the first page I found that finally solidified my ID of Pasimachus depressus, so I thought I’d share the video I took of one at my farm in De Leon Springs brutalizing a grub. Enjoy!

  2. Alexis says:

    This beetle “charged” toward me as I opened my door in SW Florida. It freaked me out. Is that aggressive behavior normal for this bettle?

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