found this while camping
Location: North eastern PA in woods
May 29, 2011 5:36 pm
Hi, we found this bug at Promised Land State Park in PA. It was a moist morning and our neighbor found it on the cabin porch. He took a stick and was going to move it when it crawled on the stick but the darn thing started to fight with the stick!!
It was about 3-4” long and later when I tried to move it, it backed straight back like an inch worm goes forward.
Can you identify this critter?? thank you very much
Signature: Sue Sacks


Dear Sue,
We have no shortage of images and information on Hellgrammites on our website, and we hope you will do additional research using our excellent search engine since that will provide you with some specifics on this fascinating larval form of the Dobsonfly.  We love your observation regarding the Hellgrammite defending itself against the stick.

Location: Pennsylvania

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