Fly-like insect with black lacy wings&gold head or throat
Location: western Pennsylvania (Armstrong County)
May 29, 2011 11:41 pm
I have a photo of 2 insects copulating (at least ( believe that’s what they were doing) in the grass at Crooked Creek Lake/Dam/Park in Armstrong County in western Pennsylvania. I cannot find them in 2 insect books I have and have posted the photo on an Insect forum. I have watched dragonflies and damselflies, and other insects while birding but have never seen this particular insect.
Signature: Thanks from a birder/nature lover

Mating Golden Backed Snipe Flies

Dear birder/nature lover,
Despite the blurriness of your image, these are unmistakably Golden Backed Snipe Flies,
Chrysopilus thoracicus, and they are in fact “In Flagrante Delicto”.  They were our Bug of the Month in June 2009.  They fly in late spring.

Thank you, thank you, Daniel (Bugman extraordinaire).  I have become almost as interested in insects as I was in birds and critters.  I appreciate your ability to identify the flies in my poor “but idable” photo.  I have photos of other insects I was able to id such as the 6-spotted Tiger Beetle some people misrepresent as the deadly Ash Borer and once while birding up near Punxatawney, PA on the Shadow Mahoning Trail a few of us were awed while watching a Giant Ichneumon Wasp fly around us (looking for a log to lay her eggs on no doubt) and none of us had a camera!!!
Marge from Armstrong County, Pa’

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Location: Pennsylvania

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