small larve
Location: Randleman,NC
May 30, 2011 7:56 am
ifound this crawling accross my sidewalk one morning and it was unusual i have never seen anything like these before not knowing what they were i sprayed them with ant spray since we have a common problem around here with termites. the next morning same scenario in the pics you would see the dead ones from the day before. please help me identify the bugs in these pics. Thank You
Signature: IZZY

Fungus Gnat Larvae

This is an aggregation of Fungus Gnat Larvae from the family Sciaridae.  We have profiled this phenomenon numerous times in the past on our website.  BugGuide provides this information:  “Sometimes abundant enough to form a crawling mass of several inches across and several feet long, similar to armyworm migrations. (2).  They feed on fungi in decaying plant matter (they often show up in potted plants that have been overwatered). [comment by Chris Borkent]  They can be pests in green houses.”

Location: North Carolina

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  1. Bart says:

    Here in rural central Virginia we are seeing several masses of these crossing our large blacktop parking area. As they move over the rough surface the mass looses members as it migrates across the blacktop. Those that are left behind appear to die within an hour or so. Since they are crossing an area of some 30 feet, a good number of them do not make it across.

    Ants that run across them so far have shown little interest in either the live ones or the dead.

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