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What is this bug
Location: Nashville, TN
May 27, 2011 2:34 pm
It’s black and white, but I have never seen it before. All the research I have done has turned up with nothing… Found around the nashville, TN area a couple days ago (May)
Signature: -Andrew

Giant Leopard Moth (right) and Periodical Cicada

Dear Andrew,
We love your photo documenting a Giant Leopard Moth or Eyed Tiger Moth,
Hypercompe scribonia. side by side with a Periodical Cicada, a member of the Brood XIX of the 13 Year Cicada.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Tennessee

2 Responses to Periodical Cicada and Giant Leopard Moth

  1. Rhea Whiteacre says:

    Thank you for posting this I saw one of these intriguing moths for the first time Friday and I have been seeing a lot of them since
    At first I thought it was a aqpeppered moth until I realized they live in England (if my memory of my environmental science class is correct) and the wing shape is different.
    Thank you for clearing things up 🙂

  2. russ hill says:

    09/01/2014, Monday-05:00 pm
    Thank you for the info. I told my friends that it was a cicaida not really a moth. I noted the eyes and the straight antanae. It was found by Erica Studebaker Hill on Carolina Island in Wilmington N.C. by the bay. We have many cics singing in our trees at home now. At about 8:30pm, they really crank out. They may sing on and off during the day too. In the southeast of Georgia they will sing all day.
    Back at home near Sylvester Georgia, another insect, the Monarch has really taken to my May-Pops that bloom with the Passion Flower all during the summer and still are doing so.
    The Monarchs’ catepillers will strip some of the Mays and then fly away as butterflies. I also see a white butterfly with strips that go crossways and not up and down as swallow tails have.
    I didn’t recall seeing it until a few years ago.

    In nature, “Never say never!”
    Russ, “The Professor”, Hill

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