Spider? with long front legs
May 27, 2011
Dear what’s that bug?,
First of all I want to thank you for being such a knowledgable resource. You have helped me several times with some bizarre looking insects. Here is my resent encounter with what seems to look like some type of spider? I was sitting under a tree and all of a sudden this critter showed up on my canvas. I tried to get him off with trying to coax him on to a piece of paper. To my shock he must have springs in those legs. He was just hopping. It was quite humorous, because he would looking right at me while I was trying to catch him. I will admit he was creepy with the legs in the front being longer. I also noticed that he seems to stand tall with threatened and isn’t afraid to lunge at you. Every time he looked up his bottom would seem to turn sideways. He did jump producing a string, I’m not sure if all arachnids do.
Thanks again!
from coastal North Carolina

Common Hentz Jumper

Hi Jennifer,
This is certainly a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, though we have our doubts that we have properly identified the species.  Your individual greatly resembles images of
Bagheera prosper that are posted to BugGuide, however, BugGuide indicates its range as being “Texas and south into Mexico.”

Update:  November 14, 2015
In researching a newly submitted Jumping Spider, the Common Hentz Jumper, Hentzia palmarum, we were able to finally put a species name to this old submission.

Location: North Carolina

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