Noone can recognize these…
Location: Southern NH. Pond
May 28, 2011 9:43 pm
I went swimming in a pond a few days ago and after our day was coming to an end, we started noticing these ugly bugs in the water. After paying attention there were quite a few of them. We collected some to take pictures but they didnt come out perfect. Do these bite? Cause they look like that have lil pinchers on the back end.
Signature: *CuriousInNH*

Dragonfly Naiads

Dear *CuriousInNH*,
Despite the poor quality of your image, it is easy to identify these Dragonfly Naiads.  Immature Dragonflies are aquatic predators.  We don’t believe they are capable of biting a human.

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Location: New Hampshire

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