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Toxomerus marginatus (syrphid fly)
Location: Naperville, IL
May 25, 2011 8:14 pm
Dear Bugman~
It’s been a while! I photographed today what I swore was a sweat bee on my flowering chives. As I perused your site, exhausting the bee category, I came to the conclusion that it must be a fly. Starting at the bottom of the alphabet, I quickly came upon the Syrphid category. Is this a Toxomerus marginatus? Its markings look like it, although the abdomen on my guy is slenderer than on most of the Toxomerus marginatus photos I have seen. What think you? Thank you! -Dori Eldridge, Naperville, IL.
Signature: -Dori Eldridge

Syrphid Fly

Dear Dori,
We absolutely cannot resist a subject line with a Latin name that indicates that the querant actually did some research.  We agree that this is a Syrphid Fly or Hover Fly or Flower Fly in the family Syrphidae, and we acknowledge that many Syrphid Flies mimic bees and wasps.  It is also noteworthy that Syrphid Flies are good pollinators that really love umbel flowers like carrot blossoms and dill weed.  Many Syrphid Flies have larvae that feed on Aphids.  We don’t know if you have correctly identified this Syrphid as
Toxomerus marginatus, but if we have time, we will look it up tomorrow and provide an opinion.

Hi again Dori,
After a good night’s sleep, we concur with your identification after checking the photos posted to BugGuide.

Thank you, Daniel!
I love flowers;  I love birds;  I love bugs.  I love to take photos and identify them with proper names, so your help is enormously appreciated.
Thank you so, so much!
All the best,
-Dori Eldridge

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Illinois

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