A Proud Find
Location: Kyle, TX
May 24, 2011 9:41 am
This fella was found by my 6yr old son who was on a mission to find a new bug to observe in his insect habitat. He was very proud when he stumbled upon this find. He begs to know: ”What’s that bug?” Of course my response of: ”It looks like some sort of beetle…?” wasn’t good enough for him. 😉
(and yes, we set him free)
Signature: Camboski

Eyed Elater

Dear Camboski,
You are correct that this Eyed Elater is a Beetle, more specifically a Click Beetle.  We have been getting many identification requests recently, mostly from Texas,  with images of Eyed Elaters, but your photo is among the best and your letter was quite touching, and for those reasons, we are posting your identification request while the others merely received a quick personal response.  We have also decided to include the Eyed Elater among our Top Ten identification requests tag.

Thanks so much for the informative and kind response!
We did a little research on ‘click beetles’ and learned an interesting fact about how if the beetle is on its back it can use its ‘click’ mechanism (if that’s what you would call it?)  to bounce into the air in order to rotate itself back into the correct position.  This is interesting/ironic to us because it explains my son’s excitmnent when he said “My bug friend can do tricks!” and then went on to explain how he bounced in the air from back position to right side up!
I never thought I’d be so excited about bugs! However, I suppose that’s what having a son does to a person 🙂
p.s.  Back in Nov. we sent in a picture of a Spiney Backed Orbweaver that we found during our camping trip that was also posted on the website.  This site has helped us out a lot! Especially coming from NY to TX.  There are a lot of strange critters out in these here parts! 😉
Thanks again!!

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Location: Texas

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