What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Location: Perth Hills, Western Australia
May 24, 2011 5:22 am
Hi Bugfolk,
A friend pointed me to your site after seeing the attached photos.
I cut down a large dead wattle about two years ago and found these holes and exoskeletons. I’ve shown them to a few people, but not managed to find out what it is. To add to the challenge, the photo isn’t what the bug would have looked like when it was alive!
My note on the photo identifies the remains as about 8cm long (+/- 2cm).
Any identification or pointers you could provide would be really welcome!
Signature: James

Pupa of a Borer Beetle

Dear James,
This is a beetle pupa from the family Buprestidae, a group that is commonly collectively called the Metallic Borer Beetles or Jewel Beetles.  There are many Australian species and some are quite host specific.  We cannot provide a species name.

Wattle Tree with Borer Damage

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Australia

2 Responses to Jewel Beetle Pupa found inside Australian tree

  1. It looks more like the pupa of a Cossid moth to me , they bore into Acacia`s as well and some feed on roots their larva are known as witchy grubs.
    Can be eaten raw or cooked

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