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Huge moth, calling
Location: Gyeonggi-do Province, Gwangju City, South Korea
May 22, 2011 8:55 am
Dear Whats that Bug,
I found this on a morning walk a while back. I just remembered your site. It seemed to be calling, but it also seemed tangled in some strings (outside a laundromat). Maybe both?
I came back later (was on my way to work) and untangled it as well as moving it to a more moth-friendly location. You can’t see this in the photo, but the underside of the moth seemed laden with either eggs, mites, or maybe just really good insulation.
Signature: Ben, South Korea

Unknown Sphinx Moth

Hi again Ben,
We believe this is some species of Sphinx Moth in the family Sphingidae, but we are not certain.  We haven’t the time to devote to the extensive research that it might take to properly identify the species at this time.  We may have time later and perhaps one of our dedicated readers will be able to supply a species identification.

Unknown Sphinx Moth

Identification courtesy of Karl
May 24, 2011
Hi Daniel and Ben:
It looks like a Zena Hawkmoth (Langia zenzeroides). There are several similar subspecies with limited ranges, but L. zenzeroides zenzeroides appears to have the appropriate distribution (northern India, eastern and southern China, South Korea, northern Thailand and northern Vietnam). Regards.  Karl

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Korea

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