yellow cluster
Location: stewrtstown PA
May 21, 2011 1:58 pm
Hi. I was wondering what this yellow mass was. Found it hanging off a shasta daisy leaf in my perennial garden. Seems to be almost suspended with very faint spider webs surrounding it, not really growing ON anything. Maybe 1-2 inches long. Wasn’t sure if it was an insect egg mass or a slime mold–it’s been a very wet 2 weeks.
Signature: lt

Orbweaver Spiderlings

Dear It,
We believe these are newly hatched Orbweaver Spider spiderlings.  They should soon disperse by releasing a strand of silk and catching a breeze, a technique known as ballooning.

Well thank you so much Daniel Marlos. I hope that’s what they are. I will watch closely.  PS “Spiderlings” is a great word.
Thnx again

Location: Pennsylvania

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