Papilio (Heraclides) thoas autocles ?
Location: Long Beach, California
May 20, 2011 6:51 pm
This is little flew into my garden today, and I found him on the ground. I’m not sure if he is passing away or if he is injured. I’m also unsure if I should try to feed him or how to help him in anyway.
Signature: Sarah

Giant Swallowtail

Hi Sarah,
We actually believe this is the very similar looking Giant Swallowtail,
Papilio cresphontes, which you may find on BugGuide.  We wonder what calamity befell this lovely creature.

Giant Swallowtail

Do you know why he would be in my area? I live in Long Beach, California near Cypress or Seal Beach….. I’ve been checking on he religiously to see for any movement. He doesn’t move around or anything much but at times I will see one of his legs move, a little bit though. I know they need sunlight for energy, would it be better to keep him inside? Then tomorrow move into sun ? Is there anything I can do for him ? I put leaves and some dryer fluff in the container hoping to keep him warm. The problem is my mom is deathly afraid of butterflies, and moths……
Please any information given will help me. I am not sure if I should find someone who specializes in butterflies or ?!?!?

The Giant Swallowtail has naturalized in the Southern California area.  Sorry, but we can’t offer any resuscitation advice.  Butterflies are not especially long lived insects, though Swallowtails should survive several months.  We suspect, as we mentioned earlier, that this individual met with some calamity.  Its wings are in magnificent form to be an older individual.

Location: California

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