Orange and Black insect
Location: Ocean Springs, MS
May 19, 2011 6:33 pm
I have these sitting on a leaf from my Zucchini plant.
Are they harmful to the plant? We also have yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumber, and basil. Will it harm them as well?
Thanks for your input.
Signature: Phil

Immature Hemipterans

Dear Phil,
These are immature Hemipterans, and nymphs are often quite difficult to correctly identify to the species level.  Our best guess is that they are in the family Coreidae and that they are plant feeders which will not benefit your zucchini as they suck the fluids from the leaves and stems.  We would recommend spraying them off with a hose.  Once they are no longer in a group, they will be more easily picked off by predators.

Location: Missouri

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