White Lined Sphinx Moth
Location: Nebraska
May 18, 2011 4:14 pm
Hey! I just found your site and love it, thought I might contribute a little bit. Here is a little friend, what I think is a white lined sphinx moth. It was a warm Nebraska night when this little fellow landed on me and decided to start posing. It stayed on me for about an hour, even as I was walking around and taking pictures. It was a pretty cool experience. Eventually I had to take it off and it just flew away into the night!
Signature: Peter

Whitelined Sphinx

Hi Peter,
We are terribly amused with your photos of a Whitelined Sphinx,
Hyles lineata, one of the commonest members of its family and also one of the widest ranging.  The Whitelined Sphinx may be encountered across North America.

Whitelined Sphinx

Location: Nebraska

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  1. Vivienne says:

    WTB you did it again! And thanks go also to Breanna for the white-lined sphinx photo she submitted.
    A little over a week ago it was the pandorus sphinx…tonight my visitor is the white-lined sphinx and with your combined help, it was a quick and easy identification. Speaking with our garden shop owner, he said many people were coming in and talking about the various moths now showing up. BTW, we’re about 20 miles west of Chicago.
    Thank you for this great web site.

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