6 legs, large jaws, spikes over a long body
Location: Riverdale NJ (northest US)
May 19, 2011 7:36 am
Dear Bug,
I found this odd looking bug alog some railroad ties out back. He was very agressive (opening jaws) as we managed to catch him. I’ve never seen anything like this and was hoping you can identify his species and if we need be concerned of our son and his friends playing out back. Thanks, Bugfinder
Signature: Paul
Thank you!  Forgot to mention he/she is exactly 3 inches log from tip of jaw to end of tail!


Hi Paul,
This is a Hellgrammite, the larval form of the Dobsonfly.  Despite all of our efforts, we have been unable to trace the origin of the name Hellgrammite, which nonetheless seems a very appropriate name for this unforgettable insect.

Location: New Jersey

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