Female Dobson Fly Photoshoot!

Female Dobsonfly

Female Dobson Fly Photoshoot!
Location: Dallas, TX
May 18, 2011 2:27 pm
Thanks to WTB for helping me identify this strange bug. I took her home and placed her on some clear plexiglass for a late night photoshoot with my Nikon DSLR. She was a great model! I hope these photographs help people appreciate the beauty of these really scary looking bugs!
Signature: Jasrun

Female Dobsonfly

Dear Jasrun,
We hope Tyra and company don’t come at us for copyright infringement if we declare your comely female Dobsonfly as America’s New Top Model.  She looks great from all angles and she really knows how to work a camera.  Additionally, we just posted an image of a Hellgrammite, the larval form of the Dobsonfly.  As a postscript, etymologically, Dobsonfly is a compound word.

Female Dobsonfly

Challenge to our Readership:  Take a staged insect photograph … or not.
Get a photo of a couple of Dobsonflies, male and female together.  If he is grasping her with those saber-like mandibles, it might be proof that the male needs those mandibles for mating purposes, because they sure can’t be used for eating.

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Location: Texas

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