Red Headed Centipede ?
Location: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas. Eastern Shore
May 15, 2011 10:06 pm
Hi Guys ~
I Love Your Site ! Ive used it several times to identify friend or foe… and You are always my first stop for instant answers.
I was working at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas… 2 hours west of Dallas the first of May 2011. I found this guy upside down and already deceased on the back porch… At first I though it was a Rattlesnake Rattle… because He was upside down… After reading Your site.. I do believe this is a Red Headed Centipede.. slightly discolored because he was in the Sun for probably weeks before I found him….
From My Ring finger to My Wrist is 4 and 3/4 inches…
I Hope You enjoy these Photos, and I Hope I’m right ~ Giant redheaded centipede, Order: Scolopendromorpha, Family: Scolopendridae, Genus and species: Scolopendra heros Girard. ……………… ONE MEAN BUG !!!!
Thanks for all You Do !
Signature: Bart
Ok… He is really 5 inches long.. cause His “stingers” go past my
wrist ~ I didn’t count his antennae

Dead Red Headed Centipede

Hi Bart,
Thanks for the compliment.  We agree 100% with your identification of the Red Headed Centipede.  Since they grow to nearly double the size of the individual you found, they are quite impressive and formidable creatures.

Red Headed Centipede found dead

Location: Texas

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