May 16, 2011
During the time we have been on the internet beginning in the late 1990s, we have made several virtual friends who contribute liberally to What’s That Bug? and on occasion we have the opportunity to meet face to face.  This past weekend, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County hosted the 25th Annual Bug Fair, and we spent Sunday afternoon with the 1000s who showed up.  Eric Eaton was signing The Kaufman Guide to Insects of North America which he coauthored, and it was very nice to talk to him.  Eric has been correcting our misidentifications for many many years.   David Gracer came in dead last in the insect cooking contest, and he was awarded the Stink Bug Skillet for his efforts.  David always writes to inform us when one of the submissions to our site is edible.  We also met author Jessica Speart who was promoting her new book Winged Obsession:  The Pursuit of the World’s Most Notorious Butterfly Smuggler.

Bug Fair

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