Purple Shamrocks
Location: North Augusta, SC
May 15, 2011 3:50 pm
These bugs were found clustered on a burgundy oxalis. Are they harmful to plants?
They dispersed quickly when I brushed them off.
Signature: Phillip

Grasshopper Hatchlings

Dear Phillip,
These look like newly hatched Grasshoppers.  We cannot be certain of the species.  Grasshoppers feed on plants, and their presence in such numbers on your purple shamrocks indicates that the eggs may have been laid in the flower pot, however, it does not appear that they are feeding on the shamrock.  The plant is in the genus
Oxalis and the plant contains oxalic acid, which may deter insects from feeding upon it.

Location: South Carolina

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  1. Terrie Graves says:

    I am a teacher and need a picture of hatching grasshoppers. Would you give me permission to use this picture for a lesson I am editing. The lesson will be shared with teachers across the state of Florida. If you agree send me you name for credit. Thanks, Terrie

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