Phellus ID
May 12, 2011 3:51 pm
Howdy, I can’t find my correction of your ID of the big Phellus asilid. I’m not familiar with your format and I don’t know how else to correct IDs I see on your site.
So, how does one do that, or are corrections not welcome?
Signature: David M Williams

Dear David,
We most heartily welcome corrections to the numerous mistakes we make during the identification process.  Ideally, the person making the correction will provide a comment to a posting.  The comment you have submitted to us was a general comment and is not attached to any specific posting.  Additionally, you did not provide a link to the incorrect identification you are referring to, so we have no means of providing an update on that problematic posting.  If the previous correction was submitted in a similar manner as this posting, it just may have gotten lost in the shuffle of our email box since we are daily getting an increasing number of identification requests and our tiny staff is unable to respond to every question.  Now that you have our attention, We would like to make a few requests.  One is to respond to this email and provide a link to the incorrect posting.  The second is to actually provide a comment on that posting with the correct information.  That way you will have contacted us through two different means.  We get far fewer direct comments to posts than we do general comments and identification requests.  The manner in which these two different means are delivered to us is different.  That might all seem confusing, but we hope you will take the time to resubmit your identification correction.

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