what type of water bug is this?
Location: Mariposa, California (Sierra Nevada)
May 12, 2011 12:03 am
Found this in our creek and called it a water centipede because it resembles a regular centipede so much. It has pretty big mandibles and tried to give a bite when picked out of the water.
Rarely ever see these around here. What is it?
Signature: Aiden


Hi Aiden,
You have encountered the predatory larva of one of the members of the family Corydalidae, the Dobsonflies and Fishflies.  The larva of the Eastern Dobsonfly is known as a Hellgrammite, and though this is not the Eastern Dobsonfly, we feel the common name Hellgrammite should still apply.  We will try to determine the species.

Location: California

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