Nymphs in a huddle on tomato plant
Location: 70119
May 9, 2011 1:51 pm
Hi there,
I’m in New Orleans and have asked a few gardener types to help identify this bug but some people think it’s the leaf footed stink bug, others say it’s the assassin bug. Will you please help me to identify it? 2 black dots on the back side & they like to be in a huddle.
Signature: Many thanks in advance, Jennifer

Immature Leaf Footed Bugs

Hi Jennifer,
Immature Hemipterans can be quite difficult to identify with any certainty, but we believe these are immature Leaf Footed Bugs in the genus
Leptoglossus.  They match this image on BugGuide.  As you can see from the BugGuide information page, there are several species possibilities in your vicinity.

Location: Louisiana

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