What’s his name?
Location: San Ramon, CA
May 10, 2011 9:10 am
May 7, 2011
San Francisco Bay Area (San Ramon, CA)
Thank you very much for your wonderful work and this amazing website. Inspiring!
There is a cheery tree in the backyard that is severely infested with black aphids, thousands and thousands of them. To stop the ants from making things worse, I wrapped the trunk with Tangelfoot. With ants gone, there is a beneficial insects lovefest on that tree. There are hundreds and hundreds of lady and soldier beetles all over the tree, eating aphids, mating and laying eggs.
Yesterday we had 25mph winds and the bugs were keeping a low profile, except for this long legged fellow. He had spread out on a leaf and was content going for a roller-coaster ride on a shaky branch. What’s his name?
Signature: Max

Crane Fly

Hi Max,
We are happy to hear that with a little assistance, nature is taking care of your Aphid problem organically.  This is a Crane Fly, and despite looking like a very large Mosquito, it is perfectly harmless.

Location: California

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