Unknown Australian Caterpillar
Subject: Unknown Australian Caterpillar
Location: Seaford, Victoria, Australia
May 9, 2011 8:56 pm
We found this caterpillar in a tree in our garden, in late summer. It moves really slow and has the strangest extra ”leg” at the end of it’s body which it uses to hold on to things. It’s about an inch long.
Signature: Kyle Horne

Spitfire Grub

Dear Kyle,
Your mistaking this insect for a Caterpillar is quite understandable, but it is actually the larva of a Sawfly, a nonstinging relative of bees and wasps.  We were unable to find an exact color match for your Sawfly larva on the Brisbane Insect website, however it very closely resembles the members of the subfamily Perginae, the Spitfire Sawflies whose larvae are called Spitfire Grubs.

Hey thanks Daniel, that was really quick! I have another bug I’d like to identify and will send through the pics and description tomorrow.
Thanks again
Kyle Horne

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