Household Intruders
Location California
May 9, 2011

Unknown Nymphs

Ed. Note: Reader assistance requested
Our coworker at LACC, Betsy from the Nursing Department, hand delivered these two nymphs taped to a small notepad.  We are uncertain if they are immature Cockroaches, Termites or Earwigs.  Betsy indicated that they were found in large numbers on the kitchen counter and that the new downstairs neighbors have reported a Cockroach infestation which makes Cockroaches our number 1 choice, and they do seem to closely resemble this image of a German Cockroach nymph on BugGuide.  They are very tiny.  If any readers can confirm an identification, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Location: California

7 Responses to Household Intruders: Cockroaches, Termites or Earwigs????

  1. fishmobabywhirlamagig says:

    While I am certainly no expert, we did have a German cockroach infestation at my work, and these guys do look just like the nymphs that I recall. They were also very easy to get rid of without violent means – With some extra care to keep food packed tightly and clean everything regularly, we were not seeing them after two weeks.

  2. Loraine says:

    I am also looking for information on very tiny cockroaches. They are so small I don’t think I could take a picture.

    • bugman says:

      Newly hatched Cockroaches are very small. Their presence is a good sign that reproducing adults are present and more than likely there is an infestation.

  3. Bugworth says:

    Jesus christ, this website is terrible at identifying bugs? Is there an actual entemologist who’s reviews these ansswers? As much as you just want to classify it as a cockroach I’m afraid its far closer to a baby earwig fhan a roach .. Just by looking at the rear you can tell that one is a male and the other female

    • bugman says:

      Thanks to your snarky comment, we will change the classification to Earwigs.

    • Josephine says:

      Bugworth do you suggest another site to identify household bugs if Bugman can not?. I have a little bug about 3/16 long that is elongated with a square back end. Short antenna with a clear or silver under side The small head appears attached to a second short oblong body part but can not tell if that is one or two parts. The body does have wings but it does not seem to fly. the legs are not counted but they are thin. they have been found in the bathroom and I saw them craw under the baseboard. I have found the in boxes, in cupboards with dishes, in the bathroom trow rugs even just after washed. I am freaking out not knowing what they are or how to get rid of them. When I picked it up with a piece of tape the colour on the back appears to be redish brown

      • bugman says:

        The editorial staff of WTB? is currently out of the office. We are responding to identification requests and posting in a limited capacity. We searched all identification requests that have been sent in the past two weeks and we cannot locate any requests signed by Josephine. Based on your description, we suspect Carpet Beetles.

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