Help identify this creepy crawler
Location: Simi Valley, ca
May 9, 2011 11:19 am
Hi Bugman,
Please help! We’ve noticed a large amount of these flying insects on a nightly basis since it has warmed up in the area. In 13 years, I’ve never seen these bugs before & they’re highly attracted to the light. I’m not a fan of any bugs & besides being gross, is there anything I need to know about these creepy crawlies?
I’d appreciate your help!!
Signature: Monique

Brown Leatherwing

Dear Monique,
The Brown Leatherwing is a harmless, beneficial species.  They seem to be appearing in prodigious numbers across the state of California this year, which prompted us to declare them the Bug of the Month for May, a feature posting that you somehow missed when you visited our website where it is prominently featured on our homepage.  Brown Leatherwings are attracted to lights, so keeping the porch light turned off will keep them from coming to your home.

Thank you so much! We have been keeping all outside lights off & it seems to help! Not sure how I missed the Bug of the Month, but I will check it out again!
I appreciate your quick reply!!

Location: California

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